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The Violator
The Violator is the demonic form of the Clown and Spawn's intended mentor on Earth and one of the famous Phlebiac Brothers. Spawn and the Violator often clash due to the Clown's persistent taunting of Spawn.

The Violator is in charge of personally mentoring all of the new Hellspawn, and clashes with Medieval Spawn as well. The Violator personally feels that humans are unworthy of the Hellspawn position, and often makes this point clear. He usually sees Spawn more as a rival than a threat as the two have fought on many occasions. He will often motivate Spawn or take advantage of his anger.

There is also a special Violator mini series.

Powers Edit

He is shown to be very powerful force and has stated to have superhuman strength equivalent to that of 15 strong men. He can breathe fire, shape shift, possess others, and survive any form of attack with the exception of decapitation from an angel or Hellspawn.

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