"Brains, Divvy...You an' me, we take the rich guy in the tux, Link, take the geek." - Smokey


Smokey is a middle-aged punk with wavy blonde hair and a scruffy face who is introduced in Spawn issue #19. Along with 3 of his friends, he attempts to initiate a fight with Spawn and Houdini on the rooftop of an apartment building. Equipped with a fair-sized hunting knife he goes straight for Houdini with the aid of his 2 thugs, Brains and Divvy. Without hesitation, Houdini cites a few words and causes Smokey to disperse into a cloud of smoke – a visible illusion, but believable non-the-less. Nothing is heard from Smokey after this issue, but it is assumed that he and his tied-up friends are apprehended by the NYPD.

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