The place where Angels reside. It is noticeably filled with many women. This magical place is first seen in full in Angela Issue #1.


Elysium has been described as a city of glass, that has eternal light.


Although it has not been distinctly described the location of Elysium has been stated to be in heaven.

Points of InterestsEdit

  • Angela's Apartment: Where Angela used to stay while working for the angels. This is also where she stores her trophies.
  • Court House: Where the angels deal with all illegal manners.



Angela's TrialEdit

Angela was brought to trial on Elysium for many charges, namely hunting without a permit. To help defend her Spawn had come to the trial. Unfortunately, the angels would not hear him out as they all attacked him as soon as he shows himself. Angela acts quickly and helps Spawn escape the situation and goes out the window. Angela and Spawn were then able to escape into Spawn's cape before being killed by the guards. The city of glass and eternal light.