Billy Miller
"Speaking of cooking, why waste those beautiful lips on food, when I can think of a number of things I'd much rather see them do." - Billy Miller


This employee of the CIA New York Headquarters is only seen in Spawn issue #3. He is a man of low morals and is seen sexually harassing his secretary Linda. Spawn makes a quick stop to retrieve some files on his former wife Wanda, and overhears the conversation between Billy and his secretary. Enraged he does a quick check-up on Billy’s file and gets the dirt. Upon entering his office room, Billy is confronted by Spawn who states that the divorcee has not paid a cent in child support or alimony, and if he continues with this ‘bad behaviour’ his ex-wife will be collecting the money from his life insurance. Nothing is heard about Billy in the later issues but it is assumed that he smartened up.

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