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"Oh, poor little Hellspawn. You have been Hunted...Now you'll never be a captain in the Army of the Malebolgia." - Angela

Angela is an angel and a hunter of Hellspawn. She is first introduced in Spawn issue #9 and is the first Angel to be introduced in the series. A beautiful woman, fit with long red locks and a perfect figure, she is a recurring character in the Spawn Universe. Albeit cocky, she is very, very good at what she does.

12th Century ADEdit

In her first appearance, her story introduces Spawn #9 as she is shown in a time 800 years past where she has disguising herself as a distressed maiden. When the knightly Medieval Hellspawn passes by on his steed he offers help. Angela explains that she has been in an encounter with an ogre and the creature took her sister back to its cave under the waterfall. With eagerness the Hellspawn gallops across the glen to the supposed cave. Angela insists on following him inside as she is ‘familiar with the cavern’. When they are deep in its crevices, she transforms and initiates combat with the knight in a formidable battle. In the end, with the help of her Dimensional Lance, she is able to kill the Hellspawn and collect her trophy.[1]


She later would go on to assist Spawn in fighting Malebolgia where she met her ultimate doom. She was killed by Malebolgia when she turned her back on the devil which triggered Spawn into a rage. Spawn killed Malebolgia as retribution and then returned Angela's bodies to Heaven for her soul to be put to rest.[2]

Legal BattleEdit


Due to recent loss of of the legal battle Angela is no longer part of the Spawn universe and made her marvel comics debut in  Marvel's Age of Ultron mini series.[3]


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